Weight Loss

Medical weight loss

Medical weight loss

Medical weight loss

Medical weight loss usually refers to the proactive management of diet, fitness, and healthy behaviors conducted by a physician. These programs often include comprehensive metabolic testing and medical diagnostics to monitor physiological shifts during the course of a program.


Is medical weight loss program successful?

While medical weight-loss programs have a much stronger success rate than most self-managed diet regiments, both are often focused on the same essential goal: improving an individual’s nutritional and exercise habits.

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Managing Nutrition in medical loss program

Managing nutrition is a fundamental aspect of medical weight loss that is often overlooked by most consumers who are interested in committing to a program. The key to losing weight is managing diet – consuming foods that are low in fat, low in refined grains and sugars, and high in natural, whole, fiber-rich foods, as taught at the Pritikin health resort in Miami over the past 40 years. Having the guidance, support, and experience from medical professionals who specialize in managing weight loss exclusively through nutrition and exercise, enhanced by lifestyle coaching taught by psychologists.


Cardiovascular conditioning, strength building, and flexibility training, in addition to nutritional management, are critical components of effective medical weight-loss programs.  Exercise delivers a myriad of profound benefits to the body, particularly in the context of losing weight, as it is a catalyst for metabolic change.

Getting body in Motion in medical loss program

While “getting your body in motion” may seem like common sense for individuals striving to lose weight, certain physical activities are more suited to influence weight loss than others. The physical trainers who are experienced in designing exercise regiments that are custom designed to the individual. They should recognize that long-term weight loss requires a multi-faceted approach that includes attention to individual medical issues and conditions. Our programs help you reduce weight through a combination of nutrition counseling, medication therapy, behavior modification, fun motivational tools, education and exercise.